Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

EPRD has successfully completed the EU project: “Technical Assistance in the Management of Animal By-Products (ABP) and Animal Waste” aiming at supporting authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina in ensuring high levels of public health and animal health protection.

Last week the final conference presenting the results achieved within the project took place. It was attended by numerous stakeholders from veterinary sector with representatives of political life and institutions that deal with this important subject, including Mr. Mirko Šarović, Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, Mr. Melvin Asin, Head of Co-operation in the Delegation of the European Union to BiH and Mr. Ljubomir Kalaba, Director of the BiH Veterinary Office. The speakers underlined that significant results were achieved in raising public awareness and strengthening capacities of the public administration in the area, which are necessary if BiH wish to achieve visible results in demanding area of correct processing animal by-products. It was mentioned that the project substantially supported BiH to meet the international requirements towards export of food products, as well as to increase competitiveness of BiH products in other markets by opening possibilities of processing ABP into goods that could be re-used in various industries.

One of the main output of the project is the Strategy on the Management of Animal by-products and Animal Waste with clearly defined comprehensive action plans which has been elaborated together with detailed instructions for implementation. Also, the project developed a feasibility study that assessed the quantities of generated by-products and proposed technological options with the most optimal solutions for the treatment, disposal, transport and disposal of by-products of animal origin and animal waste, as well as locations for appropriate facilities. Both documents have been already delivered for adoption to the competent bodies of BiH.

The 1.7 mln euro project: “Technical Assistance in the Management of Animal By-Products and Animal Waste” was fully implemented by the EPRD-led consortium from June 2016 to June 2018.

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