Consulting in CSE Europe – EPRD represented during annual FEACO conference

Facing the crisis in many world’s economies, intensified by everyday’s information, consulting (especially Management Consulting) is one of branches which as a first is influenced by savings made by clients representing industry and financial institutions. On the other hand, this is advisory branch which is trying hard to work out management methods allowing for efficient running of businesses in various economic conditions.

This subject has been many times raised during the annual FEACO conference which took place on 23-24 October in Dubrovnik. It’s worth and good to mention that it was devoted to advisory business in Central and South-Eastern Europe. The following questions were asked – is it possible that:

– CSEE countries will be the motor for the turn around in the old economy?

– CSEE will match the Lisbon agenda whereas old Europe fails to do so?

As well as:

– How to explore and to make use of the potential for innovation and business excellence in CSEE?

– Does Best Practice always have to come from ”old” Europe?

The subjects above were the base of discussions during the conference as well as organised workshops. The conference covered inter-alia:

1. New markets in the CSEE

2. Governance, local development and consulting services

3. ICT, society and consulting

4. Investment projects, finance and management

5. Cross border consulting

6. Human resource development, social responsibility and ethics in consultancies

7. Standardization and consulting practice

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