Consultations for the Waste Management Sector have started

After two months of hard work of the project team and the group of experts, a preliminary draft of the Sectoral Qualifications Framework for the Waste Management Sector (SQF WMS) has been developed. One of the most critical steps in creating the final version of SQF WMS is the broadest possible consultation in the industry environment on the solutions adopted in the initial draft regarding the adequacy of sector determinants, level characteristics and their compliance with the expectations of the sector stakeholders. This process is also aimed at verifying documents in terms of the terminology used, transparency of entries and substantive correctness.

The opinions and comments collected during the verification of the preliminary design of SQF WMS will be used to improve the developed material. The process results will contribute to the final, verified SQF WMS project. Consultation of the preliminary draft SQF WMS will be carried out during four online meetings (webinars), quantitative research in the form of online questionnaires and qualitative research in the form of individual in-depth interviews conducted online.

The consultation process will last until December 31 this year.

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