The second study tour to Poland for Armenian State Veterinary Inspectors

At the end of March 2007, in the framework of the TACIS project “Support to Ministry of Agriculture in Armenia”, EPRD Ltd. organised the second study visit to Poland for four Armenian State Veterinary Inspectors accompanied by the Project Team Leader DVM Krystian Poplawski.

The study tour enabled to achieve the following project result: development of human resources by means of training on specific competence of staff in the performance of official controls and effective supervision and enforcement of applicable legislation.

The main goal of the study tour was to acquaint veterinarians from Armenia with carrying out inspection tasks in the slaughterhouses, game handling establishments and cutting plants placing fresh meat in the market in accordance with the general requirements of EU Regulation 854/2004. The Armenian guests had a possibility to participate in a voivodship veterinary inspection in a venison processing plant in Walbrzych in order to get familiarized with equipment and means used by Polish veterinarians in their day-to day activities related to meat control and food safety issues.

The Armenian participants had also a chance to acquaint themselves with the methods and techniques of veterinary control services over the production cycle applied in the slaughterhouse and meat processing.

Everyday after each visit the demonstration and practical training on the meat inspection of establishments and foodstuffs, including ante- and post-mortem inspection, trichinella sampling and microbiological sampling at the meat processing plant for the Armenian inspectors was organized by two Polish veterinary inspectors.

Additionally, the participants visited District Veterinary Inspectorate in Walbrzych and Voivodship Veterinary Inspectorate in Wroclaw in order to get acquainted with the structure and functioning of the veterinary and food control services at the national and local level in Poland as well as the duties and responsibilities of the Polish Voviodship Veterinary Inspection. The EPRD staff supported the visit in all their aspects, including logistic and administrative issues.

The study tour was the second one organized within this project, which is being implemented by EPRD in cooperation with Portuguese and Belgian partners. The last visit will be organized in May/June.

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