Roadmaps Facility Project extended for 2 more years

Glad to announce that the EPRD-led consorium’s project “Support Facility to EUDs in the update, implementation and monitoring of their Country Roadmaps for Engagement with CSOs” will continue until November 2020.

After the first 3 very dynamic years of its implementation, the Project has already achieved a lot. Under the guidance and in cooperation with the European Commission, we have provided tailored support to 30 EU Delegations, contributing to civil society development in Africa, Asia and South America, also in extremely difficult contexts, as well as to the EC in conducting strategic studies to assist in developing CS policy documents.

We are happy and eager to continue our fruitful cooperation with the EC and EU Delegations and keep supporting efforts in strengthening CSOs’ capabilities around the world.

With the new Roadmap Facility support missions to come, we invite you to join us on this exciting and challenging journey towards a strong and enabled civil society.

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