Bashkitë për në Evropë/ Municipalities for Europe extended for 18 more months

We are happy to announce that the project “Bashkitë për në Evropë/ Municipalities for Europe” led by EPRD has already been extended and will continue until September 2020.

The project aims to strengthen the municipal capacities related to EU integration process, as well as their ability to reach out to Albanian citizens and Albanian local administrations with information about the EU, its policies, programs and funds. Support is organized around 3 main components: 1. EU desks institutional building and training; 2. Networking and online communication; and 3. Visibility and events

The first 15 months of the project implementation brought about a significant progress and many of the project objectives have already been achieved.

Within EU desks institutional building and training Component we managed to establish EU Desks in each of 61 Albanian municipalities, with 61 Local Coordinators officially appointed. In July 2018 Decision of the Council of Ministers was approved opening the green light for transforming the EU Desks into Structures of European Integration.

Support for the Local Coordinators has been ensured through capacity building trainings and workshops on the EU Integration Process at local level and funding opportunities, with speakers from Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Kosovo, as well as with EU representatives

Under Networking and online communication Component the Project website was developed and has been in place and fully operational since 1 March 2018.

Under Visibility and events Component we have developed EU visibility products, such as 2 TV spots (available here which are now being broadcasted regularly by the Albanian National Television, 1 leaflet on the EU Desks functions and 3 brochures on EU funds and policies.

We have successfully  organized big events in 22 municipality with a participation of more than 1400 citizens, such as the Conference “Municipalities in the EU integration process of Albania” that took place in Tirana on 26 April 2018.

At the same time support has been provided to Local Coordinators in organisation of over 240 small events, for example:

  • event to promote women’s empowerment and elimination of violence against women in the municipality of Patos,

  • public debates on human rights and rights of minorities in Pustec municipality,

However, the process hasn’t finished yet. Albanian local administration still needs to be supported and their EU related knowledge and governance capacities need to be increased. The newly institutionalised EU Units need to receive support as well. At the same time the Albanian citizens’ awareness of EU policies, funding opportunities, and integration process should be further raised.

Having these in mind we are glad and eager to continue our fruitful cooperation with the EU Delegation to Albania, and keep supporting their efforts in strengthening local government capacities in Albania’s path toward EU integration.

Feel invited to join us on this exciting and challenging journey towards Albania’s integration with the EU.



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