Project in Central America successfully finished

The project “Evaluación de Medio Término del Programa Regional de Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutricional para Centroamérica (PRESANCA)” in Central America has finished succesfully. “It is the first time I see a debriefing finishing with applauses and enthusiastic congratulations from all the participants. I am very satisfied with the work made and the team selected” said EPRD’s Team Leader of the project.

This program is contributing to the reduction of the vulnerability of the poorest populations of Central America participating in the lessening of their nourishing and food security and to contribute within the framework to the reinforcement of Central American integration promoting regional and political directions of nourishing and food security of a process of agreement of the social and economic policies.

The final report will contain a study of how the Program it is being developed and the role of the different institutions, in order to fulfill the objectives and achieve results in a qualitative and quantitative level. It is also expected to have an analysis in different stages. The first one is an analysis of the efficiency and effectiveness of the execution, the sustainability and the way the actions will be executed. The second one is an analysis and recommendations on the conditions of institutional, political, technical and financial sustainability of the program and the third one is an analysis and recommendations on the way the documents are being systematize.

The last part the report will also include the identification of opportunities, limitations, strengths, profits and weaknesses and the analysis of the factors that influenced it, the conclusions and the specific and general recommendations to continue successfully the implementation of the Program.

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