Positive Developments in the EPRD’s ICBES Project

Following the successful Inception Phase of the project “Institutional and capacity building in the employment sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina” (ICBES), as well as formal approval of the First Interim Report, the project has now entered its 11th month of implementation and is gaining pace.

During the inception phase, the project team developed a comprehensive approach to the project implementation, including a specific methodology of working with the beneficiaries – the Communication Hubs.

The Communication Hubs are in fact periodic meetings of representatives of the beneficiary institutions and stakeholders throughout the whole duration of the project. They are catalysers of change and contribute substantially to the actual delivery of project outputs. In particular, the Hubs provide essential counterpart views and opinions on proposals for action, usually provided as discussion papers developed by the project.  The Hubs are thus a key element both in identifying areas which need to change or improve, and setting the agendas for the next stage of implementation. The development of work in each of the project components relies to a great extent on the outcomes of Hub meetings.

After several successful rounds of Hub meetings, they have proved to contribute to exchange of ideas, setting the standards of good practice, and significantly contribute to the project’s progress.

It is also worth mentioning that the ICBES project was selected in May 2012 for monitoring and evaluation within the framework of the Monitoring Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, for projects financed by the European Union in the Western Balkans and Turkey. Our project obtained only the highest scores – “A’s” and “B’s” – in all categories monitored, i.e. Quality of project design, Efficiency of implementation to date, Effectiveness to date, Impact prospects and Potential sustainability.

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