Opening Conference of the EU funded project “Strengthening Capacity in BiH for HRD"

The opening Conference of the project “Strengthening Capacity in BiH for HRD”, implemented by the consortium lead by EPRD, took place on November 17th in Sarajevo.

The conference objectives, related to the activities and future results of the EU funded project “Strengthening Capacity in BiH for HRD“, included: the enhancement of the institutional, strategic and legal framework for adult education in the context of lifelong learning; advancing evidence based planning of educational policies through improvement of system of educational statistics, in order to meet international standards and requirements (OECD, EUROSTAT and ILO).

The Conference enabled all the relevant Institutions, Agencies and Organisations to exchange ideas and views in order to reinforce the impact of the project and obtain their full commitment to its aims and objectives. The conference also allowed to introduce the project to the wider audience through mass media.

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