Green cities and clean air

EPRD, in collaboration with MABEA and commissioned by the Educational Research Institute, has successfully executed a project under the framework of the Qualifications Incubator. We take pride in our participation in this initiative aimed at developing and promoting market qualifications in the field of green cities and clean air. Together with methodologists and industry experts, we have formulated four new qualifications. These qualifications will facilitate adaptation to the evolving demands of the job market and contribute to the preservation of our natural environment.

We aspire to inspire labor market and education entities by providing them with tools tailored to contemporary realities. Our efforts in the realm of market qualifications represent a step towards the dissemination of this concept across various sectors and industries. Through collaboration with industry and methodological experts, as well as the positive outcomes of environmental consultations, we are confident that our qualifications will have a tangible impact on professional development and environmental preservation.

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