Intensification of cooperation with the European Investment Bank

Following the cooperation with the EIB in the area of environmental issues, in the fourth quarter of 2011 EPRD started implementation of two projects supporting six R&D centres in Poland.


Under the first contract: ”Legal support in implementation activities for ERDF R&D projects” EPRD experts will prepare legal opinion on legal alternatives concerning revision of ownership, state aid issues, public procurement rules and other national and EU procedures. The result of the project will be elaboration of universal Guide for R&D centres discussing legal issues characteristic for  research centres and universities carrying out R&D projects.


The second project, “Recruitment consultant for ERDF R&D Projects” involves assistance in planning of a recruitment and Human Resources Development procedures for the six R&D centres.


In these projects both local and international experts are engaged in order to ensure linking of knowledge of local conditions with transfer of international good practices.

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