EPRD-led consortium has been awarded a labour market project in BiH

We are glad to announce that the EPRD-led international consortium has just signed a contract for the €1.2 million project in Bosnia and Herzegovina “Improving Active Labour Markets”. EPRD will be managing the project and cooperating with EC Delegation as well as the main beneficiary – Ministry of Civil Affairs and employment services during 18 months of implementation. The consortium partners are: European Profiles S.A., Gesellschaft für soziale Unternehmensberatung mbH, and F5 Konsulting Sp. z o.o.

Our activities will contribute to the reduction of unemployment, the improvement of employment and of the quality of jobs and will support social cohesion in BiH through enhanced effectiveness of labour markets. In particular, the project will enhance the capacities of the Employment Services for more effective implementation of the employment policy in BiH and assist them in designing active labour market measures in accordance with the needs of the unemployed and the labour market needs.

Four key experts will be providing their services in four components of the project inter alia by extending the current provision of the active labour market measures and programmes, upgrading the capacity and systems development of the employment services, improving monitoring and evaluation to ensure sustainability and quality control, as well as carrying out communication and awareness activities.

It is expected that the project activities will commence next year.

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