EPRD cooperates with Belgian Development Agency

Belgian Development Agency has engaged EPRD Consortium to develop the Inception study of the Enhancing Capacities and Institution Building (ECIB) programme in Palestine. The study will serve as the foundation for a national intervention seeking to promote “work based learning” in Palestine and to enhance the capacity of the TVET sub-sector to manage and support practices such as apprenticeships, internships and other instruments that facilitate the “school to work transition”.

At the start of the ECIB programme, through an in-depth analysis of the vocational and technical education in Palestine, the study will provide key information on the current status of the sub-sector and its capacity to facilitate “work based learning”. Though national regulations are currently lacking in Palestine, a number of promising initiatives have taken and are taking place in “work based learning” at various levels in the country. In addition, various regional experiences seem relevant to the Palestinian context, and it is the intention of the study to capitalise on all these experiences through a mapping exercise.

Belgian Development Agency supports developing countries in their fight against poverty on behalf of the Belgian government. Besides this public service mission on behalf of the Belgian government BTC also provides services on behalf of other national and international organisations contributing to sustainable human development.

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