Armenian Minister of Agriculture visits Poland

On 19 August 2007, the delegation from the Republic of Armenia met the Polish Minister of Agriculture, Mr Wojciech Mojzesowicz. This visit was co-organised by EPRD under the EU project “Support to Ministry of Agriculture”.

During the talks Mr Mojzesowicz and the Armenian Minister of Agriculture, Mr Davit Lokyan, confirmed that they are ready to establish closer cooperation between Poland and Armenia, especially in the field of veterinary medicine. While presenting the current state of Armenian agriculture Mr Lokyan said that the biggest problem in Armenia is the illness called “African swine fever” which probably originated in Georgia. In connection with this Mr Mojzesowicz affirmed that there is a possibility of delivering pork from Poland and offered assistance with swine breeding.

As the most important tasks both ministers regarded unification of veterinary certificates, tightening the collaboration between veterinary laboratories, as well as participation of Polish specialists in training of the Armenian veterinary staff.

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