Animal Waste and By-Products Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina

EPRD-led Consortium has been awarded the new 2-year EU contractTechnical Assistance in the Field of Animal Waste and By-Products Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. We will have an opportunity to share our collective experience and know-how in conducting feasibility studies and environmental and technological analysis with our Partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the fields of animal waste and animal by-product treatment.

The EU realises the significance of the proper treatment of Animal By-product and Animal Waste. Inadequate disposal of animal farm manures or other veterinary waste may pose the risk of uncontrolled spread of infectious diseases, food safety crises, and environmental degradation. Thus, the EU has put these fields under strict control by the introduction of suitable regulations.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a potential candidate for EU membership, is obliged to meet the standards set out by the EU in the fields of animal by-products and animal waste treatment. As for now, these issues still remain a difficult challenge for the country. Lack of consistent regulations and technological solutions for the animal waste management and disposal result in numerous cases in which waste has been treated in an uncontrolled way.

The main aim of the project is to ensure a high level of public and animal health protection in BiH through reduction of the risks to human and animal health, and to environment. The Project also foresees harmonization of approach to the management of animal by-products across BiH and increase in the economic potential of the country.

The activities will encompass drafting Animal By-Products Management Strategy which will be ready for adoption by the competent authorities of BiH, conducting feasibility studies assessing the technology options, proposing best solutions and appropriate facilities for hazardous animal waste treatment and disposal, as well as organization of study tours and capacity building trainings for ABP/AW sector stakeholders.

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