17th European Seminar on Extension Education, Izmir (Turkey).

From 30 August to 3 September 2005, at the invitation of The Department of Agricultural Economics of the Ege University, representatives of EPRD participated in 17th European Seminar on Extension Education.

The ESEE is a biennial event that is organized by European countries for training and research in the field of agriculture and rural extension.

The main purpose of this seminar was to share the ideas and practices of the participants on participatory approaches, privatisation and contract farming in agricultural extension works

Organizers wished that all participants could take back new ideas from the ESEE to their own countries.

Main themes of the 17th ESEE were:

– changing role and function of extension in contract forming

– creation an effective joint governmental and private extension system in developing countries

– information and communication technologies in agriculture and rural extension

– promotion of services related with consulting and generally comprehended system of counseling.

During the seminar, there were organized few technical visits to institutions involved in training and teaching extension and several trips to historical places.

The discussion between EPRD representatives and others participants addressed also the possibility of future cooperation in economic and business fields.

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