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General call ”Technical Assistance in all sectors”



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Experts in ToRs drafting, evaluations, assessments of call for proposals, technical assistance, etc. in all sectors

Okres projektu:

depends on specific project

Czas trwania zadania:

depends on specific project

Opis projektu:

Opis oferty:

Details of job position, terms of reference, duration of assignment and fees depend on projects and are going to be discussed individually with interested expert before each mission.


We invite experts (juniors 3-10 years and seniors over 10 years of experience) who specialize in any of mentioned below sectors to send us CV and coordinates in order to be included in EPRD’s database of consultants. Experience in drafting ToRs or assessing tenders is much appreciated.
By being registered in our base, one can be sure that his CV will be considered in first turn.

Relevant sectors of specialisations:
a) Infrastructure (including transport, water and sanitation infrastructures)
b) Energy and Nuclear Safety
c) Telecommunications and Information Technologies
d) Rural development / Food security
e) Environment and management of natural resources
f) Economic reform, including support for the private sector
g) Finance and Microfinance
h) Macroeconomics and Structural Adjustment
i) Social an Human Development
j) Education and Training
k) Culture and Information
l) Health
m) Administration / Management
n) Public Administration Reforms, Institutional Building and reform of the judicial system
o) Humanitarian and relief operations
p) Democracy, Human Rights and Civil Society
q) Security, migration and conflict resolution
r) Justice and Home Affairs
s) Trade Related Assistance (TRA)

However this list should not be considered as exhaustive and users may call on any additional expertise falling broadly within the scope of the lot.

Inne ważne informacje:

FWC Unit coordinates projects of such kind and is responsible for recruitment and contacts with experts.
Please send us your coordinates and CV in enclosed form by e-mail: consultants@eprd.pl

For technical questions please contact us at: fwc@eprd.pl


+48 41 345 32 71

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