Summary FWC Beneficiaries 2005-2009

Since the EC framework contract Beneficiaries 2005-2009 came to an end, we would like to make a brief summary of our input into particular lots where EPRD took part. As you know, the year 2005 was the very beginning of EPRD’s activities related to international cooperation, however to this start we were quite well prepared. After those 4 years, we know that we reached our pre-decided goals becoming now one of recognized and often-chosen brands on the international cooperation advisory market.

For 4 years of EPRD’s participation in lot 1, lot 6 and lot 9, we took part in 75 contracts awarded, contracted 106 experts what gave in total 4751 working days. The total value of contracts awarded to consortia where we participated amounted to 8.766.551 €.

Several projects are still running. Those which are finished were implemented successfully and received positive feedback from the clients. For next round of EC framework contract Beneficiaries 2009-2011 (with 2 years possible extension) we are going to extend our services for new categories but still provide added value for contracting authorities as well as experts who work with us.

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