Project “Roadmap Facility” distinguished!

EPRD’s Project “Roadmap Facility” distinguished in the European Ombudsman Award for Good Administration 2019. EPRD has been contributing to the development of the concept of Roadmaps for civil society around the world since the beginning of 2014, first through Framework Contracts, and currently through a 5-year Roadmap Facility Project.

Country Roadmaps developed by EUDs around the world are meant to activate and ensure structured dialogue and cooperation with CSOs in order to improve the impact, predictability and visibility of EU actions, and create enabling environment for their activity. Thanks to our highly professional team of experts we have been able to provide all the needed assistance to the EUDs in the process.

Therefore, we are more than happy to announce that the efforts in capacity building and strengthening of CSOs have been recognized, and the EPRD-led Consortium’s Project “Support Facility to EUDs in the update, implementation and monitoring of their Country Roadmaps for Engagement with CSOs” has received European Ombudsman Award for Good Administration 2019 Winners shortlisted nomination in the category Excellence. The Project has been acknowledged for development of 107 country roadmaps for civil society–strategies for engaging with civil society over the initial project implementation period of 3 years.

It is a great achievement and the result of several years of consistent and rigorous team work of the Consortium, our excellent experts, EC and EUDs worldwide.

We are proud to be a part of such a significant and challenging initiative, and are eager to continue our efforts in supporting civil society within the scope of this Project, which has been extended till December 2020.

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