Mid-term Evaluation / Education portfolio review” in Laos PRD

We are happy to announce EPRD Ltd., under EPRD’s Consortium in Lot 4 SIEA, has been awarded the project “Mid-term evaluation/Education portfolio review” in Laos PRD.

The principal focus of this evaluation will be the assessment of achievements, the quality and the results of Interventions in the context of an evolving cooperation policy with an increasing emphasis on result-oriented approaches and the contribution towards the implementation of the SDGs.

Bearing this in mind, this evaluation will seek for evidence of why, where or how these results are linked to the EU intervention in the education sector development in Laos, always from a constructive dynamism and willing to contribute to a more efficient consecution of goals.

The main objective then is the evaluation of the portfolio of the EU funded education-related intervention in the Lao PDR. The evaluation will press special attention into the contributions into budget support programme, which were given to accelerate the implementation of the Education policy reform desired by the Lao government, and the policy dialogue.

For this purpose, EPRD Consortium will develop an independent overall assessment of the performance of the EU funded education-related interventions, paying attention to its intermediate results measuring with its expected objectives:

  • Key lessons learnt, conclusions and related recommendations to improve current and future actions;
  • Provide recommendations towards a future strategy of intervention in the sectors concerned and programming of the cycle of support;
  • Identify key learning points that may influence the next cycle of the Education and Sport Sector Development Plan (ESSDP 2021-2025 and the education priorities in the 9th National Social Economic Development Plan (NSEDP 2021-2025).
  • In particular, this evaluation will serve to understand the performance of the targeted actions, its enabling factors and those hampering a proper delivery of results as to inform the planning of the future EU interventions and actions in the same sector.

This evaluation will assess the Action under the principles of relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability, and always under the EU specific evaluation criteria:

  • The EU added value
  • The coherence, between the EU Strategy in the country and the European Joint Programming for Lao PDR 2016-2020
  • The EU coherence and complementarity with the other DPs interventions in the education sector.

One more time, EPRD is proud to contribute to the future, betting for education. We do believe that investing in education and training is a crucial matter to ensure people have the right skills and competences to find their place in society and to contribute to it.

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