EPRD among 3 Consortia selected to provide services under FPI – Policy Support Facility

It is our great pleasure to inform you that once again EPRD professional capacities have  been appreciated and only recently has EPRD-led Consortium signed the contract for FPI – Policy Support Facility Lot 2. This 2-year FWC aims at supporting policy dialogues between the EU and partner countries in areas within the scope of “Europe 2020” and at facilitating economic and trade relations in the interest of the EU.

To achieve this, Lot 2 will focus in particular on the following areas of expertise:
1) Environment, Natural Resources, Biodiversity and Sustainable Water Management
2) Raw materials
3) Energy
4) Climate Change
5) Smart, Sustainable and Green Growth
6) Research, Development and Innovation
7) Trade
8) Industry and SMEs
9) Regulatory Cooperation and Standards Harmonisation
10) Employment and Social Policy
11) Education and Training
12) Judicial cooperation
13)  Migration and Mobility
14) Foreign Policy/Security
15) Health and Consumer Safety
16)  Regional Development and Integration
17) Economic and Financial affairs
18) Transport
19) Governance, human rights and democracy
20) Disaster management
21) Maritime policy
22) Culture and Creativity
23) Tourism
24) Communication and visibility
25) Data collection and analysis, etc. On their turn, services provided will encompass feasibility studies, technical reports, study visits, dialogue facilitation, monitoring and evaluation, and any other exercises needed to obtain the goals foreseen.

As to the regional coverage, the FPI will come into play first and foremost for the EU’s strategic partners, and will thus be deployed in this Lot mainly in the Asia-Pacific, the Americas and with Russia, Central Asia and the Gulf.

We are waiting impatiently or the first projects to be launched and already now are inviting you to stay tuned on the developments.

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