Better IT skills for better law enforcement

“Better IT skills for better law enforcement” – this motto captures the essence of the EU funded project ‘Improvement of the human resource capacities in the Law Enforcement Agencies IT sector in BiH’ implemented by the EPRD Consortium.

Our Project Team supports officers from the Ministry of Security, State Agency for Investigation and Protection, BiH Border Police and other institutions in their fight against corruption and organised crime. We are cooperating with certified professionals to deliver a total of 80 trainings, in 3 different cities, on 64 very specific topics such as Certified Ethical Hacking, CompTIA Security+, Certificate Authority & Identity Access Solutions (PKI, RMS, ADFS), Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) and many others. With 72 trainings delivered so far, for a total of 610 participants, we are happy to continue our support to the BiH law enforcement institutions to make this project a complete success.

The EPRD technical assistance teamwork on the improvement of human resource capacities in Law Enforcement Agencies and other relevant public institutions in BiH through the delivery of specialised trainings for IT professionals. Within the project, EPRD delivers complex training programme, in accordance with modern trends, to ensure professional development of IT experts in order to keep pace with new technological solutions and tools. The purpose of the program is to expand knowledge and to master the skills necessary for practical work with the goal of further contributing to the improvement of the work of the LEAs.

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