ABP/AW project – study tour in Poland

The members of the Project Working Group took part in a week-long study tour to Poland aiming at exploring the conceptual thinking and formulating the initial proposals of the ABP/AW management model relevant for BiH. In that sense, Poland as a new EU member state, which achieved a significant progress in development of the ABP/AW treatment system, may act as a role model for the EU potential candidates.

The study took place between 26th November and 2nd December 2017 in several locations in Poland. The programmme was fully in line with the needs to explore the efficient system for ABP/AW management and treatment. It covered visits, presentations and meetings with world class ABP/AW experts from Polish public institutions on different levels (including central and regional level), e.g. General Veterinary Officer, General Veterinary Inspectorate, Provincial Veterinary Inspectorate, State Veterinary Research Institute and Agricultural Advisory Centre.

Also, the participants had opportunity to familiarise with the latest technological solutions for processing and safe disposal of ABP/AW while visiting the largest rendering plant for ABP/AW in Poland (SARIA in Wielkanoc). However, the meeting at the enterprise for the carcasses collection in Włoszczowa completed the overview of the entire process for ABP/AW utilization with the practical presentation of procedures and methods for securing collection and transportation in line with the EU standards. Finally, the participants visited the most modern and innovative Eco-incinerator for communal waste disposal in Kraków which is a good reference for AW in terms of ecological waste processing technologies and extracting energy from waste.

EPRD has been implementing the 2-year long project ‘Technical assistance in the field of animal by-products and animal waste management’ with the objective to ensure a high level of public and animal health protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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