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Expertise and research work,

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Results-oriented monitoring of operations financed by the European Community - LOT4: Latin America


Latin America


European Commission


European Commission

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This contract is related to the monitoring of the progress of EC external cooperation projects and programmes in Latin America countries with a view to provide a regular reporting mechanism in order to: - ensure that projects and other activities remain on course to reach their objectives, with any adjustments being made with minimal disruption; - support regular reporting mechanisms including to the Member States, the European Parliament and the Council; - ensure early feedback from implementation to subsequent design, in advance of conclusions from possible ex-post evaluations. Results-oriented monitoring (ROM) allows a rapid appreciation of project and programme progress towards results, as well as of wider implications and provides the EC with independent advice on its portfolio. The ROM system was initially developed and tested in 2000/2001 before expansion during 2002 to all regions of the EC external co-operation. In 2007 the system completed its sixth full year The main objective of the ROM system is to gather results - oriented information on projects and programmes in the field and to report on progress in order to maintain and, where possible, improve the quality of external co-operation activities through timely, independent, well-targeted information on implementation.

Start date: 2008-04-01

End date: 2009-04-30