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Design works,Strategies and development programmes,Expertise and research work,

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Misión de Reformulación proyecto « Apoyo al Programa de movilidad en educación superior del MERCOSUR » y formulación del POG




European Commission


Ministry of Education and Culture

Project description:

The Programa de Movilidad Mercosur is a co-operation and mobility programme in the field of higher education. It aims to enhance quality in Mercosur region higher education and to promote intercultural understanding through co-operation with countries. The programme is intended to strengthen Mercosur co-operation and international links in higher education by supporting high-quality masters courses, by enabling students and visiting scholars from around the world to engage in postgraduate study at Mercosur countries universities, as well as by encouraging the outgoing mobility of students and scholars. The general objectives of the mission are: - to support the EC Delegation in the field of formulation, description and financial issues related to the mission - to contribute to implementation of cooperation strategy between EU and Mercosur countries in the area of mobility programmes for students. The specific objectives of the mission are: - to elaborate identification fiches of projects identified areas on the basis of existing guidelines for elaboration of these documents. - to prepare and describe the logical framework of the project. - to identify the main project’s needs and prepare the preliminary version of the project guideline.

Start date: 2006-09-01

End date: 2006-10-31