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Applications and submissions for financial resources/assistance, economic analysis,Strategies and development programmes,

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Identification of projects in the defined high-priority areas for the cycle of cooperation 2007-2013 between EU and Chile




EC Delegation in Chile


Rząd Chile i inne chilijskie organizacje, które będą beneficjentami pomocy UE

Project description:

The relations between European Union and Chile are formally established at governmental level. In March 2001, the European Commission and the government of Chile signed the Association Agreement which established the main priorities for cooperation to be financed by the EC between 2002-2006. The Country Strategy Paper for Chile was approved in November 2002 and confirmed the priorities indicated in Association Agreement, i.e. (i) economic cooperation and technical innovation; (ii) support to state reform; (iii) environment and natural resources. The Association Agreement on political and trade cooperation which created new opportunities and deepened the existing relations between UE and Chile was signed in November 2002. It is worthwhile to mention that in Latin America the EU has signed this type of agreement only with Mexico and Chile. The Agreement defines new challenges and general objectives which relate to quality of cooperation with Chile: a) reinforce the institutional capacity in order to consolidate democracy, state of law, respect of human rights and liberties; b) promote social and economic development as well as environmental protection, while special priority should be given to respect of social rights; c) stimulate productive synergies to create new opportunities for trade and investment, promote competitiveness and innovation; d) increase and deepen cooperation between both sides. In order to prepare the next cycle of cooperation between the European Union and Chile for years 2007-2013 the mission to support the cooperation strategy took place in June 2005. The following main areas of cooperation have been identified: (i) social cohesion, (ii) innovation and competitiveness, (iii) education. The primary objective of the EC strategy for the period 2007-2013 is to deepen the Association Agreement through cooperation and political dialogue in the above areas. Macroeconomic success of the last two decades placed Chile among the most dynamic economies in the world. The current challenge is to maintain the growth and socio-economic development that will assure social equal opportunities. In this respect, the selected areas of high priority are essential for future development of Chile and correspond with the priorities of the government. In addition, they are closely related to Country Strategy Paper 2002-2006 for the previous period of cooperation, which include economic cooperation, technological innovation and support to reform of the state. Projects which will be implemented in these areas have to take into account the results obtained in the previous programmes. They will contribute to sustainable development. In addition, the high priority areas will have an impact on cross-cutting issues like human rights, democracy, civil participation, environment protection, etc. General objectives of the mission are: • to contribute to implementation of cooperation strategy between EU and Chile for the period 2007-2013 to deepen Association Agreement and cooperation between two parties; • to contribute with added value to the design of suitable instruments and activities complementary to the Chilean public policies that guarantee effective, efficient, pertinent and excellent intervention in the three priority areas; • to contribute to improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of public policies, such as mechanisms generating social cohesion, sustainable development and improvement of competitiveness of Chile at regional and worldwide level. The specific objectives of the mission are: • to elaborate identification fiches of projects in three identified areas on the basis of existing guidelines for elaboration of these documents; • to elaborate Terms of Reference for formulation mission of projects in three identified areas.

Start date: 2006-08-01

End date: 2006-09-30