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Trainings and Human Resources Development,Strategies and development programmes,

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Feasibility study for the development of online language training for VET Egyptian students




European Training Foundation


Ministy of Education and Technical Education of Egypt

Project description:

The objective of the assignment is to support the Egyptian MoETE in understanding the feasibility conditions and taking informed decisions for the development of an online English, German or Italian language training for VET Egyptian students. By mapping and analysing existing and new models and solutions of online English, German and Italian language training courses for students against the reality of the Egyptian VET system and by discussing these with relevant stakeholders from the VET sector in Egypt, the assignment aims to provide recommendations on the best models to increase the ability to communicate in English, German or Italian of Egyptian VET students, in view of increasing their international employability potential.

Start date: 2024-04-23

End date: 2024-11-30