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Strategies and development programmes,Expertise and research work,

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Support to the management of EU donation to Zambia response to COVID-19 and post HSSP technical support to MSL and ZAMRA.




European Commission


European Commission

Project description:

The overall objective of the project is to ensure effective and efficient medical supply chain management for the access to and delivery of quality and affordable essential medicines and supplies to all Zambians. In this respect, EPRD will support the management of EU donation to Zambia response to COVID-19 to ensure timely, efficient and well-documented distribution and delivery of essential medicines and supplies funded by the EU and the continuity of health service delivery. Furthermore, EPRD will provide support to Zambian Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) in ensuring the functionality of its microbiology laboratory and cleanroom activities, and to Zambia Medicines and Medical Supplies Agency (ZAMMSA) to ensure an increased long-term sustainability and return on investments of ZAMMSA as supply procurer and logistics service provider in the public health sector. The project will start in June 2021 and will be continued till March 2022.

Start date: 2021-06-07

End date: 2022-09-15