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Environmental analysis,

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“Situation Analysis: Scope and Feasibility for mainstreaming Disability into all relevant sectors” - Bangladesh




European Commission


Delegation of The European Union to Bangladesh

Project description:

EPRD will carry assessment of the situation regarding inclusion of persons with disabilities and scope for mainstreaming disability into all sector interventions. Global objective : • An overall independent assessment of the current state of play of disability in Bangladesh • Recommendations for the EU with identified gaps and opportunities by sector to mainstream in all main sectors / interventions in line with EU policy, the SDGs and 'Leave no one behind' approach. Specific objectives: • Analyse existing legal and institutional framework • Identification of the current state of play in terms of opportunities and barriers to inclusion of PwDs in different sectors (Gaps and opportunity): Health, Education, Employment, Social Safety net etc. • Map existing major interventions by the government and donors • Analyse Government development plans and revenue allocations for future • Identify the gaps relevant to disability inclusion by sector and make recommendations for the EU on ways to address them through the appropriate geographic and thematic instruments • Concrete recommendations on mainstreaming disability in key sectors of the next programming (indicators, targets etc.). The project will be implemented during the period of February till July 2020.

Start date: 2019-12-08

End date: 2020-07-31