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Strategies and development programmes,Expertise and research work,

Project title

Consultancy services for support to polytechnics in Mauritius.




European Union Delegation in Mauritius.


Republika Mauritiusu.

Project description:

EPRD will assist the Republic of Mauritius to strengthen its capacity in the monitoring and functioning of Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd. The specific objective of the support will be to carry out a Skills Needs Analysis and to develop Curricula for Polytechnics education, in four clusters (Tourism and Hospitality, ICT, Engineering and Health Sciences); and to prepare a Strategy Plan and an Action Plan on Polytechnic, including giving advice and guidance on implementation of the Action Plan. The project will be implemented from July 2019 to August 2020.

Start date: 2019-07-18

End date: 2021-06-30