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Pour le recrutement d'une assistance technique à la Maitrise d'ouvrage - Etudes techniques (APS/APD/DCE) et Etudes d'Impact Environnemental et Social de la voie de contournement de la ville de Yaoundé, Cameroun





Project description:

The objective of technical assistance is to assess the services of the holder of the CIRA SAS study contract from an organizational, technical, contractual and financial point of view during the performance of the services covered by contract n ° FED / 2018 / 396-20, relating to Technical Studies (APS / APD / DCE) and Environmental and Social Impact Studies (ESIA) of the Yaoundé bypass road (1st phase) - Cameroon, in order to support the project manager in the piloting. The AMO will transmit its recommendations and possible corrective action proposals to the Contracting Authority, the Project Manager and the European Commission, with a view to improving the implementation of the above-mentioned contract to achieve the expected results. The specific objectives of the contract are as follows: - Assist the project team in the technical follow-up of studies (control of the effectiveness of field services, in particular on the geotechnical level, follow-up of laboratory tests, optimization of soil treatment solutions, treatment of order difficulties technique encountered in the field, trade-offs to be made, etc.); - Assist the project team in validating study reports; - Assist the project team in the finalization of tender documents; Project implemented from 24/05/2019 to 20/05/2020

Start date: 2019-05-26

End date: 2021-04-15