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Expertise and research work,Strategies and development programmes,

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Study on the Future of Development Co-operation in South Africa


South Africa


The EUD in South Africa


The EUD in South Africa

Project description:

The main objective of the assiginment is to assist national treasury in forecasting ODA. This project will provide an understanding of how ODA approaches and instruments have affected south africa since 2000 and whate the future might look like. This project will provide a detailed report on the future of Development Cooperation in South Africa. The report will focus on better understading of the factors influencing specialized approaches and instruments as well as methods that can be put in place to extract the best value. It will provide internatonal trends and good practices of MICs and Upper Middle-Income Countries which have transitioned from traditional official development assistance receipts to development cooperation followed by practical examples SDGs that could be incorporated in the future development planning. Finally it will address how issues that relate to domestic support, regionalism, competitiveness and pooled funding have impacted the country in the last 18 years since the inception of ACP. EPRD will be implementing this project from April 2019 till December 2019.

Start date: 2019-04-15

End date: 2019-12-31