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Strategies and development programmes,

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Evaluation, Identification and Formulation of EU support to the Inclusive politics agenda in Somalia (Constitution, Federalism, Elections and Parliament) and the EU Democratisation support to Somaliland




European Commission


Delegation of the European Commission to Somalia

Project description:

EPRD will carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of the EU support in the area of inclusive politics/democratisation in Somalia in the period 2012-2017 as well as the EU democratisation support to Somaliland in the period 2014-2017, in order to provide the Delegation with recommendations concerning strategic programming and operational choices for future strategic support through the EU Support Programmes: "Governance Consolidation Programme for Somalia (GOVCON)" and "Build state legitimacy and responsiveness, and democratic governance”. The project will be implemented during the period of March till June 2018.

Start date: 2018-03-28

End date: 2018-06-24