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Strategies and development programmes,Expertise and research work,

Project title

Evaluation of the Youth Empowerment through Culture and Sport Programme (YEP) in South Africa.


South Africa


the European Commission


the Government of South Africa - Department of Arts and Culture

Project description:

The global objective of this contract is to produce an independent evaluation of the Youth Empowerment through Culture and Sport Programme which was designed to include youth as drivers in the social and economic development in South Africa and other African countries. In particular, to analyse the implementation of the project against the standard 5 DAC evaluation criteria, namely: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact; to trace a sample of direct beneficiaries of the projects and assess the impact the project they were involved in has had on them and to draw key lessons learnt from the YEP programme's operational implementation, in particular comparing the various methodologies followed by the 7 projects, and make recommendations for future initiatives aiming at addressing youth development through culture and sport.

Start date: 2015-11-19

End date: 2016-02-29