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Strategies and development programmes,

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Support to the evaluation of the environment strategy in Chile




European Commission


Project description:

The project "Support to the strategic environmental evaluation in Chile" sought to contribute to the incorporation of environmental considerations in planning and public policy making in Chile. Its specific objective was to disseminate and implement the instrument "Strategic Environmental Assessment" (hereinafter SEA), for the incorporation of environmental considerations in the design and implementation of public policies and plans, minimizing adverse environmental effects they generate and leverage its environmental benefits. The expected results of the project were: R1. Generating recommendations and proposals for the implementation of the SEA instrument in Chile, in decision-making processes related to public policies and plans (PPP); R2. Disseminating the project and the instrument EAE to relevant stakeholders; R3. Building capacity for the implementation of the SEA. Objectives of the evaluation ex-post: Inform the relevant national authorities involved in the project, the external cooperation services of the EU stakeholders and the public, on: - the independent assessment and results of the project, focusing specifically on the impact of the actions taken with respect to its objectives; - the sustainability of the benefits of the intervention, taking into account the project’s objectives and expected results, Budget Programmes and their subsequent amendments, - the main lessons learned, providing guidance and practical recommendations in accordance with the policy priorities of the EU and the Republic of Chile to improve the quality of future projects (with the EU or other donors or by the country itself). Indicative starting period: 01/01/2013. Finalization date: 01/02/2013

Start date: 2013-01-01

End date: 2013-02-01