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Expertise and research work,

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Recruitment consultant for ERDF R&D Projects in Poland




European Investment Bank (EIB) / JASPERS


Project description:

Project is a part of an action plan aiming to support six Polish R&D centres, helping them to enlarge and accelerate transfer of technologies from the national research centres to the industry. The objective of the assignment is (after interview the teams and review the relevant documentation) to come forward with recruitment plans for posts identified by the Project Teams in a specific time span. The Consultant will be expected specifically to: 1. Produce a report shortly defining current status of the HR services and policies used by the Beneficiaries, as well as defining their needs in this regard. 2. Develop a recruitment plan which could be implemented in subsequent years, replicated and repeated. 3. Develop a human resources development plan for R&D centres. 4. Develop network contacts to facilitate searches. The support will be provided to the following Beneficiaries:  Dolnoslaskie Centre for Materials and Biomaterials (EIT+), Wrocław  Centre for Advanced Technologies (WCAT), Poznań  Centre for Preclinical and Technological Research (CePT), Warszawa  Centre for Biological and Chemical Sciences of the University of Warsaw (CENT III). Warszawa  Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies (CEZAMAT), Warszawa  Research Centre for Clean Coal / Chemical Coal Processing, Katowice/Zabrze

Start date: 2011-10-01

End date: 2012-07-31