Description of the project

Project title:

General call - FWC SEA 2023 - LOT N° 8 "Sustainable Finance and Blended Finance"



Project categories:

Job position:


Project period:

depends on specific project

Duration of assignment:

depends on specific project

Project description:

EPRD has been awarded as a Consortium Partner with a new 4-year framework contract for EXTERNAL ACTION 2023 (FWC SEA 2023) LOT N° 8 Sustainable Finance and Blended Finance. The announcement is a general call and not a job offer related to a specific project.

Job description:

Details of a specific job position, terms of reference, duration of assignment and fees depend on specific projects and should to be discussed on case by case basis.


We invite experts (minimum years of experience: category I experts 12, category II 6 years and category III 3 years) who specialise in any of the sectors listed below to send us CV and coordinates in order to be registered in EPRD's database of consultants.
By being registered in our base, one can be sure that his CV will be considered in first turn.

Relevant sectors of specialisations:
- Financial market Products, Instruments and Structures (different forms, different objectives) (including serving EFSD +)
- Markets and financing needs/gaps (including serving EFSD +)
- Policy Issues
- Statistics and indicators.

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