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depends on specific project

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depends on specific project

Project description:

Kindly note this announcement is a general call and is not a request for a specific mission/assignment.
EPRD has been awarded as a Consortium Leader with the new four-year framework contract for EXTERNAL ACTION 2023 (FWC SEA 2023) LOT N° 13 “HEALTH, SOCIAL INCLUSION AND PROTECTION, INEQUALITIES”.

Job description:

Details of job position, terms of reference, duration of assignment and fees depend on projects and are going to be discussed individually with interested expert before each mission.


We invite experts (minimum years of experience: category I experts 12, category II 6 years and category III 3 years) who specialise in any of mentioned below sectors to send us CV and coordinates in order to be included in EPRD's database of consultants.
By being registered in our base, one can be sure that his CV will be considered in first turn.

Relevant sectors of specialisations:
a) Public Health:
-Health policy, health systems analysis, capacity analysis for strategic planning and implementation, planning, organisation, management of health care delivery systems (including operational research, assessment of sector governance processes, strategic decision making and change management, sector-wide approaches / donor co-ordination systems, post crisis rehabilitation of health care systems, preparedness, public/private co-operation, regulation of the private sector)
-Epidemiology (including communicable and non-communicable diseases, environmental health, health-related aspects of water and sanitation, epidemiological transition, demography)
-Social issues and health (poverty and health linkage, health in the context of poverty reduction, access and equity, social inclusion in health, health rights and universal coverage policies)
b) Health economics and health financing
-Health economics and financing (including cost analysis, sector budget analysis, assess of universal coverage policies)
c) Health care:
-Health care delivery (including referral system, health technology assessment, evidence-based care, quality management and quality assurance, accreditation, laboratory services, blood banks, infrastructure planning)
-Reproductive health care (including family planning and emergency obstetric care)
d) Human Resources development:
-Education / training of health professionals (curriculum development, vocational and academic training in health, costing and institutional aspects of training, continuing health and medical education)
-Human resources planning / management (including workforce management, motivation analysis, leadership and strategic capacities in the health sector, health worker migration)
e) Pharmaceutical sector:
•National drug policy development, manufacturing, procurement, distribution, quality assurance, dispensation of drugs
•Global influences on access to medicines, in particular legal assessment and health impact assessment of national legislation and of global agreements in the medicines area, in particular with respect to intellectual property rights
f) Health promotion:
-Essential concepts in health promotion (including risk factors for major communicable and non-communicable diseases, family planning, nutrition, specific risk group approaches - e.g. children, adolescents, mothers, elderly persons, commercial sex workers, migrant workers, social, ethnic or behavioural minorities and marginalised populations)
-Policy / institutional framework for health promotion (leadership and advocacy, multisector approach, social and cultural inclusion, health promotion agencies, self-help, interfaces self-help / professional services)
-Behavioural change (evidence based behavioural change approaches, information - education - communication (IEC), media)
g) Health Metrics:
-Assessment of availability, appropriateness and quality of health data (facility- and population-based data) and of health information systems
-Health impact assessment of health interventions and of non-health interventions and policies
h) Food safety:
-Tracing, food control
-Legal aspects
i) Social Inclusion and Protection
-Social situation and impact analysis
-Social policy institutions and their management
-Social protection policy design and legislation
-Social inclusion and assistance policies and systems Social Protection systems (including registries, delivery)
-Social protection monitoring and evaluation
j) Inequalities:
-Inequality diagnostics and analysis (including drivers and obstacles to reducing inequalities), and assessment of the partner country’s progress on the policy priority “fighting Inequalities”
-Country tailored policy recommendations on how to reduce inequalities and their impact on the design of country interventions
-Capacity analysis for strategic planning and implementation, planning, organisation, management of inequalities related policies, including operational research and assessment of strategic decision making
-Mainstream inequalities in related policy areas .

Other important information:

FWC Unit coordinates projects of such kind and is responsible for recruitment and contacts with experts.

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