Description of the project

Project title:

Increasing the capacity of institutions harmonising and implementing of EU acquis in the area of Competitiveness and Innovation



Project categories:

Trade, private sector, SME,

Job position:

Senior Non-Key Expert on Standarisation

Project period:

30 Months

Duration of assignment:

Min. 5 Working days

Project description:

The overall objective of the project is to support the development of further administrative capacity and level of alignment to the EU acquis in the field of Competitiveness and Innovation, notably in the areas of services, standardization, accreditation, competition and state aid, thus allowing Montenegro to fulfil Accession criteria of relevant negotiation chapters.

Job description:

Non-key expert will be resposible for delivering activities related to Component 2 - Standardization and Accreditation

Non-Key Expert should:
• in coordination with the key experts prepare trainings, workshops and roundtables on agreed topics including ISO Standards
• prepare the training materials to be distributed among the participants in cooperation with the project’s team leader
• present best practices of the implementation of the above mentioned standards
• prepare and deliver recommendations in writing for further activities and actions in the field of information security standards based on existing information and information received


• Master University Degree or at least 5 years of general professional experience to replace the degree;
• At least 10 years of general professional experience;
• Fluency in English language, both oral and written;
• At least 7 years of specific professional experience in implementation and maintenance of the information security management system (ISMS);
• At least 4 years of working experience on EU standards;
• Working experience in a EU Member State;

Other important information:

The Project Team in cooperation with the beneficiary will ensure that the Expert obtains via e-mail the available, necessary information and documents for fulfilling the assignment. The Expert will consult with Key Expert 1 working agenda for each mission to Podgorica.