Event Management and Communiaction (Eventaste)

We provide services in the fields of event organisation and management, as well as communication, information, and promotion for public institutions, European Commission, Delegations of European Union, non-governmental organizations and private Clients.

We specialize in organizing events abroad.

We work with tried and tested PR agencies, printers, graphic designers, web-designers, IT specialists, journalists, translators/interpreters, hotels and travel agencies.

We organize and carry out:

  • Events: conferences, workshops, trainings, fairs, networking meetings
  • Communication, promotional and informational strategies and campaigns
  • Campaigns in social media


We offer comprehensive services including responsive websites based on the CMS system, as well as informational and promotional materials (including audio-visual).

We adapt our services to the needs and expectations of each Client, developing strategies and information/promotion activities that have a lasting impact on the attitudes of targeted audiences and improve the establishment of long-term business relationships.

How do we work

  • We begin by establishing each Client’s expectations and needs, defining the target groups of the finished service and estimating the budget.
  • We provide a comprehensive organization of events: concept, logistics, translation/interpretation, promotion.
  • We design and develop holistic communication campaigns and strategies, within which we create responsive websites based on the CMS system and promotional materials ensuring visual identity of the project.
  • We consult with the Client at each stage of the service.

Przykładowe Projekty

  • Comprehensive organization of the “Where the hate speech starts – freedom of speech ends” conference in Sarajevo on the occasion of the International Day of Human Rights (logistics, agenda, speakers, promotion, conducting and accounts settlement)
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive information and promotion strategy and organization of the Dear Fair event in Brussels under the project “Development education and awareness-raising support team (DEAR)”
  • Preparation, organization and moderation of the first Regional Development Forum in Lima
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contact us

Karolina Plech tel. +48 41 345 32 71
e-mail: k.plech@eprd.pl