The terms of work for EPRD's experts are based on clear rules and maximum flexibility during realisation of individual contracts.

In our understanding, it is thanks to these features that EPRD, being a company from a new member state, is deemed trustworthy among experts from the whole world, which enables us to compete effectively on the common market.

Why should you be interested in working for EPRD?
  • We offer You competitive fees.
  • We assure that proper payments are transferred to You according to the contract
  • We do not apply to You pay-as-paid principles
  • We offer You an opportunity to make strategic decisions in a quick and flexible manner as well as support from the team of backstoppers at each stage of project cycle (purchase of air tickets, assistance with obtaining visa and proper accommodation, etc.).
  • We offer You an opportunity to work in experienced expert teams
  • We offer You promotion of your skills and Your solid performance in contacts with clients.
Why does EPRD want to contract You?
  • Because you offer Us full commitment and honest work.
  • Because you identify with Us while carrying out the tasks and look after Our business.
  • Because you are an honest, loyal, sincere, motivated, hardworking, flexible and rational person assuring efficient realisation of the whole project and not only your tasks, we trust each other - these characteristics are essential to Us.
Mutual co-operation under the above terms is the priority for EPRD during implementation of any project. If you regard it as clear and satisfactory - we encourage you to send your CV in the enclosed format as well as your contact details (land-line and mobile phone numbers, address for correspondence, e-mail address, etc.) to the following address

Your CV will be added to our database and will be taken into account during preparation of technical proposals, when relevant expertise is requested..

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